Slapstick Stuff 113

Reasons why our new model Carrie might just be one of our best models ever:
1) She looks like a hotter Reese Witherspoon. 
2) She trained in the pie arts under SS legend Jill. (See SS53, 58, 59, etc.)
3) No matter what we threw at (or on) her, she kept smiling! (Chocolate, flour, slime, eggs, pies pies pies...)
4) This customer quote: "Wow....Carrie just has that "super cute girl next door" vibe like no other. The only ones that really come to mind like this are lil Amber and SS24 Jen. I think Kara might be in a class of her own in that regard though... I think this might be the best quality of mess in a SlapstickStuff shoot ever. Seriously. Slime was just about perfect...and the pies? I can't remember one "dud" hit across all three scenes... I would say, for me, Carrie is Top 3 all time with TX Brandi and 101 Brit for fav SS girls. Yep...that's right!"