Emilys Great Gunge Bath

Sweat young innocent Emily does a famous Manta shoot.

She wears a pinky/peachy/red top Braless with skinny jeans and cute converse style trainers. Emily jumps into the bath, and the assistant pours white gunge onto her trainers then covers her jeans, next her shoulders and front, then her face. White gunge is not something we shoot often but it looks great. Once Em is pretty much covered in white, next she lies on her front and gets blue gunge poured all over her and the bath starts to fill up.

Once the bath is filled Em rolls around and does some full head submersion's and holds her breath as long as possible looking like a statue. She gets out and scrapes the gunge off then goes back in. Then out again and gets orange and white poured in her shoes then black gunge poured on her as she lies and poses on the floor.