Char And Viv Daily Dunk

On a trip to Spain Char decided she would do a daily dunk fully clothed into the pool at the end of every night, on this occasion, Viv had been out with us and jumped in as well.

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Carly In A Fountain

Carly gets wet in a fountain wearing black jeans, an orange top and black boots.

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Lets Try The Gunge Pump On Rhian And Charlee

So we have quite a powerful Gunge Pump and willing volunteers Rhian and Charlee.

Lets try filling the bath with Gunge whilst the girls in it.

Includes Wash Off.

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Lucy In A Dress In The Mud

Lucy is wearing a patterned dress, tights and heels to go and roll in the mud.

Includes Wash Off.

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Anna Paddle Boards Fully Clothed

Until she falls into the river, several times, hahaha.

She is wearing a shirt, Skorts, tights and heels.

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