Jem's Interview

As with all new girls, we have invited Jem for her interview, she arrives smartly dressed in her own clothes.

To be interviewed by Charlotte.

She makes sure she introduces her to as many of the messy products we use as possible, Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Custard, Syrup, Syrups, Toffee Sauce and lots of Gunge.

We think she enjoyed herself, I guess we'll find out if she comes back?

Includes Wash Off.

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Lisa In The Rooftop Pool

Lisa wears a great shirt with satin pencil skirt, tights and heels in the rooftop pool.

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Just Pied Mia Bobi And Alice

We know everyone loved the Gunge Booth on TopGunge, so we've sort of brought back the concept for justpied.

Mia, Bobi and Alice are playing this time.

The idea is that the girls are asked a series of children's questions and have to buzz in to answer.

If they get the question wrong they get pied, if they get it right they nominate one of the other girls to receive the pie.

Includes Wash Off.

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The Vat Solo Charlotte Higher Lower

Its time... Charlotte's time... Charlotte's turn to go on 'TheVat', she's not keen but she must. 

Hosted by Casey Charlotte goes up onto the vat seat and Casey turns over cards. 

If its lower than the previous she gets lowered in the the thick sticky gloop that is treacle... If the card is higher than the previous she goes up up up into the air and you see the stickiness all over her. 

She gets dunked in and lifted out multiple times, each getting covered more and more until eventually she has to dunk her head into the treacle... She then sits back on the seat and gets lifted up, her eyes wiped off clean then show of her shiny self before getting washed off.

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Corrine Meets The Lake

Corrine wears an great blouse with pencil skirt, tights and heels in the sea.

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