Halloween 2012 With Ali, Alice, Sarah and Marie

It`s the 2012 GungeTank Girls Halloween Special! This clip contains all 3 rounds, starting with Ali (the sexy gladiator), Alice (the cute Minnie Mouse), Marie (saucy Batgirl) and Sarah (a Brand New girl! Dressed as a classic-but-sexy witch) in a game of BuzzWire - the loser in Round One gets covered in 80 litres of warm gooey bright-green gunge...

After all the usual mucking around in the gunge and scraping it off again, the remaining thee girls head into Round Two - Love Heart Roulette! The idea is simple and silly. We`ve got a massive tube of Love Hearts and they have to pick them out at random. Pick two nice ones and you`re safe....last person to get two nice ones gets to stand in the tank where 80 litres of warm pink gunge awaits! 

Round three sees the two remaining girls in a classic game of Buckaroo - no second chances, no mucking around - first to make the Roo buck gets gungey, leaving their victorious opponent to bask in the glory of sending three other girls into the Gunge Tank!