Lisamoomin Tests Mostwams 'The Vat' Messy Contraption

A very large elephant has snuck into the studio in the form of a very large set, a stage, a swing and a Vat container marked with danger? What is The Vat filled with? Lisa walks up onto the stage then steps on the planks spread across The Vat tank, Then she takes a seat on the swing and the planks are removed leaving Lisa left dangling above the mystery substance.

The noise of a motor as Lisa is raised up a little then down a little dipping her feet and legs into the substance, then she is lifted out of it showing of the sticky dark shiny substance all over her heels and legs, The Vat continues to raise and lower Lisa into the tank then lift her out showing off the sticky mess until eventually Lisa is all covered except for her head and face where she dunks her head under and gets a face full as well as messy hair. Lisa plays about in The Vat for a bit and then is lifted out, she shows off her masterpiece and then comes down from the stage for a wash off. What a big sticky messy contraption, what should it be filled with next?!