Room 202 Ep3 Emily V Amber Yoghurt V Milkshake

Welcome to our new Game show Room 202 where girls battle to send a substance they dislike into the mysterious vault room called Room 202. The girls have 1 minute to convince host Charlotte why their substance should disappear to Room 202. The substance which isn't chosen which is too good to get rid of goes over the girl who put it forward in the form of four 5-litre bowls worth of mess, poured all over them from above while they're led down on the floor in a tray, then they roll around in it and get fully covered. Rough timing of how the show goes:

0.00-3.00 introduction

3.00 -4.30 girls talk about their chosen substance 

4.30-6.30 Charlotte makes the decision

6.30-9.30 pouring substance all over girl sat on chair

9.30.00-11.00 led down substance poured over girl

11.00-12.00 kneeling with more poured over head

12.00-13.30 stand up, turn around and the end

13.30-15.30 then wash off

Who will end up messy... Moany Emily or Confident Amber?!