The Vat Amber V Amie Play to Avoid Tank of Treacle

This time on The Vat we have Amber and Amie who play 'Get your balls out' where they have to shake their booties to get the balls out the container attached to their waist to win. 

The loser has to go into The Vat!.. The loser is lifted up on the swing above the The Vat of treacle then dip bit by bit into the tank below, then lifted up and lowered again gradually and slowly until covered up to their neck where they dunk their head into the treacle for a good covering. 

They are then lifted out and eyes are wiped and they show off stickiness and are washed off. 

This features multiple camera angles edited to show the best angles. There is also a file named 'dips' which is a version with replays of dips into the vat and lift up from multiple angles, not all replays only the main ones, and angles that show something.